Learning, Games and Networks Seminar

The Learning, Games and Networks Seminar is held fortnightly during term at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. It is organized by myself and Daniel Quigley. All talks are on Tuesdays 16.30-17.30 and are held in the conference room of L staircase, unless stated otherwise with *.

Scheduled Talks 2017-18
October 10, 2017. Erik Eyster (LSE), paper
October 24, 2017. Timo Hiller (Bristol), "Who links to Whom in Networks".
November 7, 2017. Tatiana Mayskaya (HSE, ICEF), paper.
November 21, 2017. Jonathan Newton (Independent), paper.
January 16, 2018. Markus Reisinger (Frankfurt), paper.
January 30, 2018. Peyton Young (Oxford), "Speed of Innovation Diffusion in Social Networks".
February 13, 2018. Anja Prummer (QMUL), "Gender & Collaboration", abstract.
February 27, 2018. Rida Laraki (Paris Dauphine).
May 8, 2018. Ben Golub (Harvard). "Social Learning in a Dynamic Environment", abstract.*

*Clay Room, L stair, Nuffield College.

Past Talks
For 2015-16 / 2016-17 schedules, see this page of the previous organizer's site (Peiran Jiao).